Energy management

With the fuel price growth and increments of the environmental awareness and concerns, energy sustainability needs to be taken into account as one of the main measures of business development and maintenance. To help your company identify, prioritize and implement sustainable strategies that will conserve energy, lower utility bills and protect environment, we offer our energy management services includes technical energy audit, energy management implementation and energy optimization methods. With the capacity of handling challenges to evaluate and measure current energy performance of the system, we conduct the technical audit based on the ISO 50002:2014. Following the audit result, we offer a wide range of energy conservations and solutions from low cost and short term solutions to the long term and high capital investment, e.g. energy efficient equipment and process modifications. Our expert team provides customers with the energy efficiency solution based on our wide knowledge about process integration, system simulation modelling, and modification and optimisation methods and in accordance to the technical requirements as well as local international and regulations. We assist client to implement energy management system based on ISO 50001 latest edition and conduct measurement and verification in accordance to ISO 50015 and IPMVP protocol latest revision
  • Energy management system implementation
  • Technical Energy Audit,
  • Process modification,
  • Energy Engineering
  • Performance improvement solutions
  • Measurement and Verification