Measurement and Verification

M&V is the process of quantifying the energy and cost savings resulting from improvements in energy or water consuming systems. Reliable determination of the savings resulting from the implementation of energy and water optimization solutions is considered as an essential step to distinguish the impact of the activities and methods implemented. It enables organizations to know accurate information to assess the effectiveness of energy management programs. Besides, owners and Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) will have validated data and evidence from a qualified and impartial expert to evaluate the performance of the solutions implemented and crediting companies such as banks will be able to precisely assess the risk of implementing energy service projects. A measurement and validation program focus on transparency and accuracy by identifying and evaluating the impact of factors and variables affecting various components, the real value and the effectiveness of each energy efficiency improvement program and the extent to which energy efficiency improvement strategies are implemented. Parvaneh, based on its competent experts in this area, provides the following comprehensive services in accordance with the International Protocol for Measurement and Acceptance (IPMVP) or the International Standard ISO 50015: 2014.