Company Overview

Parvaneh is an innovative active company in the field of renewable energy, energy management solutions and power system. The business was established in 1998 with the main focus on engineering in power plants and gas turbine related fields. At the moment, Parvaneh has its own representatives in Pakistan, Germany and China to coordinate supplying and necessary communications. With the core business in sustainable energy solutions and electrical systems, we offer services of technical studies, consultancy and inspection in renewable energy sector, Energy savings techniques as well as power system. Parvaneh provides services to a range of clients, including developers, contractors and O&M responsible.

Renewable Energy

• Market analysis
• Site assessment
• Technical consultancy
• Engineering
• Asset management
• Technical inspections

Energy management

• Energy management system implementation
• Technical Energy Audit,
• Process modification,
• Energy Engineering
• Performance improvement solutions
• Measurement and Verification

Electrical power system

• System design and design review
• Construction and operation inspection
• Commissioning and tests witness
• Grid studies